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How can RO Water Purifiers improve your health?

How can RO Water Purifiers improve your health?

Do you want to know how RO water purifiers can improve your health? Let’s start with the importance of clean water. Water not only satisfies your thirst but also helps maintain a healthy body. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends drinking 2 to 4 liters of water per day, depending on your activities and the weather.

Drinking the prescribed amounts of water is not enough; the quality of the water matters and is equally important. It is believed that water whose TDS level is below 220 ppm is safe to drink. In India, we can’t access safe and pure drinking water. Considering RO filters is the best solution to achieve the highest level of purity.

Keep the RO Water Purifier clean regularly

How do we maintain our health with water? Simply, the consumption of pure and clean drinking water is an important element for our health and wealth. One can get safe and clean drinking water; consider installing a water purifier at your place. Proper maintenance and care of a water purifier are mandatory for it to function properly. You end up drinking healthy water.

Water purifiers are designed to eliminate impurities such as chlorine, dirt, TDS, and heavy chemicals from raw water. Here are some things to keep in mind for RO water cleanliness:

  1. External parts should be cleaned with a soft, dry cloth. Do not use detergent or soap.
  2. Do not clean tightly or rub aggressively; it creates scratches on purifiers and seems uneven.
  3. Clean the nozzle of the tap using disinfectants. And then discard 2 liters of water from the tap.
  4. While cleaning the water purifier, never splash water.
  5. Don’t open the purifier for cleaning or replacement. It is advisable to call their master.
  6. Once every 15 to 25 days, discard the water from the storage tank.
  7. If the purifier is not used for a day, drain the water from the storage tank before using it.
  8. Clean the storage tank once a month with a disinfecting solution. Put 1 ml of disinfectant solution in the storage tank and drain the entire tank after half an hour.
  9. Remember, while cleaning, no uneven material (dust, insects, or other pests) enters the storage tank.

Other things to remember:

Maintain good surroundings around the water purifier. This means the area is free from insects, dirt, and other pests. While cleaning, take care to reject pipes and other tubes of the water purifier; otherwise, water gets split into the kitchen and there is a loss of water.

At regular intervals, filters need to be changed. While changing filters, look for an indication or filter indicator. If the situation is not in your control, reach out to the service technician. They better understand the replacement cycle.

When should you change the membrane and filter?

RO water purifiers have an important RO membrane and filter. Timely replacement of the RO filter and membrane ensures 100% safe drinking water. The first thing you should know about RO purifier maintenance is that filters and membranes must be changed.

Why is it so essential? Membranes and filters are major parts of water purifiers. We should have a basic understanding of the periodic schedule for replacement. The cost of replacement filters and membranes covers a major portion of the total maintenance cost of an RO water purifier.

A technical expert says that if you are using an RO water purifier, then you must have an understanding of membranes and filters. To give you a better understanding of the replacement of filters and membranes in a water purifier, we are here:

Information in:

1. Delivers clean, pure, and 100% safe water.

2. Enhance the life of an RO water purifier.

3. Low maintenance costs

4. Safe from unethical technicians' services.

When we think about the membrane and filter, we can’t approach anything. Before we make any decisions about membranes and filters, it is important to determine the factors on which they depend.

Factors to consider to estimate the time to change the RO membrane or filters are as follows:

1. Level of input water impurities

2. TDS level of input water

3. How much usage do RO purifiers get? 

If you find water with high levels of impurities or TDS, or if you use an RO purifier in large quantities, the filter and membrane need to be replaced quickly and frequently.

As per the average household (a family of 4–6 members), the schedule of a replacement should be every 2-3 months, ideally. The replacement period can vary as per the quantity and quality of water purification requirements.

Carbon and sediment filters are the most popular and best. They should be changed every 6 to 12 months. The period of replacement depends upon the requirement for purified water and how bad or good raw water is. People have identified this average and exact time to change; we need to look at each person individually.


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